09 April 2011

Biologi SMA X RPP 6 ( In English )



Subject                           : Biology
Grade/Semester             : X (Ten)/ 1
Meeting                          : 9 and 10
Time Allocation             : 4 sessions

Standard of Competence: 2.   Understanding the principles of classification of living organisms

Basic Competence            : 2.4 Describing the characteristics and types of fungus base on observation,  experiment, literature analysis, and their roles in life
Aim                                : Students should be able to describe the characteristics of fungus and their roles in human life, and classify them.

I.                   Objectives
·         Describing the characteristics of fungus
·         Describing the ways of fungus obtaining food
·         Differentiating asexual spores and sexual spores
·         Giving reasons of the separation of fungus from plant classification
·         Reporting the production process of a product using

II.    Topics of Learning
·         The characteristics of fungus:
1. Structure characteristics
2. Life cycle
·         Types of spores resulted from fungus:
1.      Asexual spores
2.      Sexual spores
·         Classification of fungus
·         The roles of fungus in human life
·         Production process using fungus

III.             Learning Methdology
·         Discussion – Observation – Assigning

IV.              Learning Steps

Meeting 9 (2 sessions)

A.  Pre-activity (10 minutes)
·         The teacher asks about familiar fungus for the students.
·         The teacher and the students discuss the characteristics of familiar fungus samples.
B.    While activity (70 minutes)
·         The teacher asks the students to prepare tools and materials for observing fungus, which the students bring, in activity 6.1.
·         The students observe the fungus and draw the observation result.
·         The students write an observation report.
C.    Post-activity (10 minutes)
·         The teacher and the students determine the characteristics of fungus based on the observation result.
·         The students turn in the observation report.

Meeting 10 (2 sessions)

A.     Pre-activity (10 minutes)
    The teacher reasks the common characteristics of fungus.
B.     While activity (70 minutes)
·         The teacher and the students discuss the structure of fungus body.
·         The teacher and the students discuss the life cycle of fungus.
·         The teacher and the students discuss the fungus reproduction.
·         The teacher and the students discuss the elements of fungus classification and the samples of each division.
C.     Post-activity (10 minutes)
·         The teacher determines the characteristics, the life cycle, and the classification of fungus.
·         The teacher assigns the students to produce food using fungus such as tempe and tape in activity 6.2.

V.                                                                 Tool/Material/Source
·   Biology 1A workbook, Esis
·   Biologi 1A text-book, Esis. Chapter 6
·   Samples of fungus
·   Ingredients of tempe and tape

VI.                                                              Evaluation
·         Report of the fungus observation
·         Competency written test

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